We always make sure your pet gets everything they need to help the pet look and feel their best. These include... At no extra cost to you.

*Nails+ Buffing (gets the nails shorter than clipping, plus is safer)

*Ears Clean + Hair Removal

*All Natural Shampoos

*Under Coat Removal (this is the hair all over your house)

*Anal Gland expression

At CJs.....You are supporting eight families and A disabled Vet.

Dog Grooms + bath

$50 Small

$60 Medium

$70 Large

$85 X Large

$100 XX Large

$125 XXXL

Baths only short hair

$30 Small

$40 Medium

$50 Large

$60 X Large

$70 XX Large

Baths only- Long Hair

$45 Small

$55 Medium

$65 Large‚Äč

$80 X Large

$95 XX Large


$50 Bath only, short hair

$70 Grooms + bath longhair (De-matting and hair cuts are grooms)


We only charge extra for pets that require large quantities of extra time for sever matting and De-matting and or extra time to train your baby. We want to take care your baby right and keep the grooming experiences as positive as possible. $10 every 15min

Individual Services

Teeth Brushing $10

Nail Buffing $15

Anal Glands $15

Nail Painting $15

Hair Dye per section $20

Full Small Hair Dye $35

Full Large Hair Dye $55

Ear Cleaning $20